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Reasons to Take Up Cycling

Here are seven good reasons to take up cycling to get back into shape after several months of winter.

In room, “indoor”, no excuse.
There are many alternatives for indoor sports activities such as cycling. Doing “indoor” sports offers the possibility of regular practice over the months, without asking questions about the weather conditions. The solution to stay in shape despite the winter.

In a group and coached by a professional on catchy music
This recent concept of “cycling” or “spinning” or “biking” indoors is judiciously well designed. It’s about getting on a bike and pedaling on the spot of course, so no fall and you can even pedal with your eyes closed at times of so many intense efforts.

Surrounded by your teammates, you are carried by the effect of the group during the effort. We leave together, we suffer together, we end together!

A specialized coach trains you in a dynamic voice for about fifty minutes, to help you build your effort. This is the obvious interest of classes in the gym, built by professionals in sports, mental and physical pedagogy.

The lesson starts, the group “takes you on board”, the coach never lets go of you and the music literally boosts you: motivation is 200% from the first lesson.

Simple equipment
A tank top, shorts and a simple pair of sneakers may be enough for the first session. But very quickly, your body will send you signals asking for a little more comfort.

Avoid cotton clothing, which retains perspiration, because it drips from the third music and there are 8 to close the session.

Invest quickly in shorts: if you quickly become “addicted”, padding in the crotch will be very appreciated on this essential point of contact and friction with your bike. It’s not the most stylish outfit, but it’s effective.
Regarding the shoes, in order to offer you maximum safety and efficiency during the session, the ideal is to choose MTB shoes with SDP cleats.

Above all, have a well-absorbent towel and a bottle of water of at least 75 cl at hand: two essential elements, because you raise your elbow as soon as a piece of music is over and before moving on to the next one.

The coach will guide you in adjusting your bike, which must be optimal and personal: let yourself be taken care of, but memorize the data that suits you, to be independent during the next session.

An original and motivating course
The cycling lesson is composed as a real “show” between the stage, spotlights, subdued lighting, strobes and air conditioning.

From warming up to “returning home”, the 7 to 8 music takes us on imaginary tracks well described by our coach as you increase your “load”: flat ground, hilly ground, mixed ground, climbs, hills, sprints, bumps, mountains, passes to cross, descents…

A tailor-made effort
The heart rate starts gradually, along the way: coach and doctor have designed this exercise for you and you are safe by the regular progression of the effort to be provided.

You are totally independent as to the variation of the load, which is the degree of resistance that you impose on your bike by means of a clamping lever that you tighten according to the energy that you consider yourself able to expend. Your legs and your heart react instantly to this lifting or lowering of the load. “Cycling”, “spinning”, “biking” or “RPM” Les Mills is an ultra cardio activity! Quite quickly, after just a few sessions, you will refine the tightening in full awareness of your objective and progress.

Gazelle legs and firm buttocks
Quite quickly you will improve your physical condition and progress both on the cardiovascular level and on the muscular level of the lower body which also works continuously. Indeed, quadriceps, ischios, glutes and calves are extremely stressed during these sessions. So we sculpt the legs and firm the glutes.

A great stress reliever
The effects on the mind are extraordinary: this activity is euphoric, by the secretion of endorphins that it promotes. Everything contributes to it: the coach, the group, the music.

To sum up, it is the ideal sporting activity to start the year 2018, in this cold, wet, windy beginning of January, after a few excesses of all kinds, and in times of making good resolutions, within everyone’s reach.
Invest in your body, it is worth it and you will be rewarded!

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