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How to Choose The Right Type of Yoga For You

Do you want to start yoga? What are the different types of yoga? How to dress ? Should you be flexible? Here are five things you need to know before you jump in and start practicing yoga.

What type of yoga for me?
Very often, yoga is only associated with a very calm sport, centered on meditation. While there are different types of yoga depending on what you are looking for: let off steam, stretch, relax, relax or meditate.

Hatha Yoga is the most practiced form in the West. This discipline focuses on postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayamas) and meditation. Through the work of breathing and the sequence of postures, one feels physical and emotional well-being. The sequence of postures improves flexibility and reduces back pain.
In terms of mental benefits, Hatha Yoga helps to work on concentration and better manage stress. During the course, one is immersed in a state of relaxation and meditation.

Vinyasa Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga are dynamic yogas in which the postures are linked together at a steady pace. These disciplines allow you to become more flexible while strengthening and exercising because you sweat quickly.
These styles of yoga are suitable for those who want more dynamic activities to release stress and tone muscles.

Yin Yoga is a slow yoga, much calmer than Vinyasa Yoga but the work remains intense. The objective is to relax the muscles in depth and release tension by maintaining each posture between 3 and 7 minutes. We perform fewer sequences but the goal is to find our balance for each posture and to hold it as long as possible.
Yin Yoga allows you to work and stretch your muscles in depth. It is ideal for those looking for deep stretches. It also leads to concentration and meditation, perfect for letting go.

What sports clothes should I wear for yoga?
For yoga, it is better to favor a comfortable outfit in which you feel comfortable.
For the top, the ideal for women is to wear a bra with light support. Whether it’s loose or tight, the most important thing is to feel comfortable.
For the bottom, it is better to provide leggings rather than loose pants. This allows the teacher to see if you are doing the right things during the exercises. And you’ll also be more comfortable performing the poses than if you’re wearing shorts.
Also plan a cocoon sweatshirt, for moments of meditation at the beginning or at the end of the course so as not to get cold.
In terms of equipment, buy your own mat. It’s always more hygienic and there are different types at very affordable prices. Choose it thick enough to insulate you from the cold and the roughness of the ground.

Do you have to be flexible to start yoga?
Contrary to a priori, you do not necessarily have to be flexible to start yoga. Exactly, if you are stiff, yoga is a great way to loosen up as you go. Each posture is accessible even if one is stiff. As you practice, you will become more flexible and able to go further in each pose.

By practicing regularly, you will be amazed at the progress you will make. Yoga allows you to really gain flexibility.

Can you take an online yoga class at home?
There are several sites and applications that offer yoga exercises that you can do at home. But to avoid injury, it is better to first take lessons with a teacher who will correct our postures.
You will be able to take online courses, as soon as the postures are mastered.

What are the benefits for the body and the mind?
Yoga is a sport that allows you to sculpt and refine your muscles. It also helps to relax, stretch the muscles and thus avoid injuries.
Yoga also allows you to massage different organs of the body. We oxygenate the lungs, we revive the lymph…
And the practice of this sport also goes beyond the physical benefits. Mentally, yoga soothes, helps to refocus and clear your head. A real stress reliever!

In short, you have understood that yoga is a sport with multiple benefits. So why wait to get started?

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