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health benefits of sport and physical activity

Everyone knows it, the benefits of sport are legion! Indeed, physical activity allows you to feel good in your body and mind, while letting off steam! If you are not convinced, we have listed the 7 health benefits of sport. We bet you’ll get back to sport soon?!

1 – Control your weight
It is a certainty, moving allows you to control your weight. Indeed, physical activity is essential against overweight and obesity. Why ? When you exercise, you burn calories.

Good to know: a workout of 30 minutes a day is ideal for a healthy life. But note that if you want to lose weight or achieve specific goals, you will need to train more.

2 – Prevent diseases and other health problems
Sport prevents diseases and health problems. It stimulates high density lipoproteins (HDL) and lowers triglyceride levels, the main constituent of fat.

Physical activity also improves blood circulation, reducing the risk of heart disease. In fact, you will prevent your health problems such as type 2 diabetes, depression and many types of cancer

3 – Promote a good mood

Did you know ? Exercise makes you feel good! Indeed, by stimulating various brain chemicals, it makes you happier and calmer.

In addition, sport positively influences self-confidence. Thus, if you regularly practice self-defense or any other type of sport, you will feel better in your body and in your head!

4 – Increase energy level
Sport increases your energy level. It strengthens your muscles and improves your endurance. Thanks to it, you will oxygenate your muscles and your heart more, which will allow your cardiovascular system to work more efficiently.

5 – Improve sleep
It’s no secret that physical exercise improves sleep. Indeed, exercising regularly allows you to fall asleep quickly and sleep more soundly. Be careful though: it is better to avoid exercising just before diving under the duvet: you will not be able to sleep!

6 – Improve sex life
your Physical activity will gives you more positive effect on your sex life for sure . In addition, sport activates sexual arousal in women and is an effective stimulant. Likewise, men who move a lot have a lower risk of erectile dysfunction.

7 – Relax and have fun
Exercising is a fun way to pass your time. It gives you the freedom to do what you love or just relax. Playing sports in Paris with your children or with friends is a real source of fun and allows you to enjoy your social life.

Exercise should be part of your routine. Sign up for a gym, practice a team sport or a martial art and stick to your good resolutions! You will feel much better in your sneakers

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