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Tips Before Your First Yoga Class

Yoga has become very popular for a few decades in the West. The practice of yoga has spread widely on social networks, in the...

The Best Time Of Day To Weight Train

When is the best time to exercise? If you are a bodybuilding or fitness practitioner, you must have already asked yourself this question in...

How to Bounce Back After Overeating on a Holiday

You have taken advantage of the holidays to loosen up a little on the run and the plate and you have decided to find...

the Low Carb Diet for Runners

Carbohydrate is a fundamental element in the body. This should constitute 50% of the general diet, more for people practicing physical activity or sports on...

An Overview of Fitness Nutrition

An adequate diet must cover the energy needs generated by training and competition as well as optimize recovery. Food is therefore to humans what...

health benefits of sport and physical activity

Everyone knows it, the benefits of sport are legion! Indeed, physical activity allows you to feel good in your body and mind, while letting...
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